What consistency has to do with recruiter onboarding


If onboarding new employees is key to sustaining success, effective training for the staff tasked with finding those talented candidates should be invaluable.

Unfortunately that isn’t always the case, as many recruitment agencies find themselves undergoing a shift in policy, procedure and everything in between as personnel are still getting caught up to speed with recruitment software. As this is going on, new recruiters are still being brought into the fold, which can create gaps in information between the workforce.

If companies want to stay competitive, they’ll need to invest in consistent and structured onboarding.

In search of stability

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one in every five employees leaves within his or her first 45 days, according to The Wynhurst Group. Ineffective onboarding can lead to a failure to integrate not only within the new role being taken, but the culture of the company itself, Glassdoor reported.

Onboarding takes many forms, which can hurt an employer’s retention rate.

For recruitment agencies in particular this can lead to excessive turnover, which can be alarming considering so much of their success is bound to human capital. Furthermore, the cost of continuously onboarding new staff members can cut into profit margins, which are already razor-thin in the industry.

Making training easy

With a large portion of common onboarding objectives at recruitment agencies geared towards getting incoming personnel up to speed with the tools being used, it makes sense to fuse the two together. One unique feature that’s available is “Show Me How,” which can walk recruiters through the program they’ll be using on a daily basis.

Structured onboarding is correlated with better retention rates.

By leveraging a virtual tutorial bound to the recruitment software deployed across the company, management can develop a structured and consistent approach to onboarding. Other conventional methods, such as one-on-one or group training sessions, can be subjective by nature; what one person learns in their meeting may not be relayed to another.

The “Show Me How” tool simplifies digital adoption by doing just as the name suggests and walking employees through each of the various features. This not only allows them to onboard at their own pace, but ensures there aren’t any gaps in the company’s internal education policy and can have a major impact on their productivity levels.

It was found that staff members who benefited from consistent onboarding were 58 per cent more likely to be with the organisation after three years, The Wynhurst Group reported. Are you ready to create structure for your business’ new staff? Contact a FastTrack representative today for more information.

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