Do you know how to engage customers in the digital age?

Customers are notoriously fickle, but they are also the driving force of any company. After all, a business without customers is like a car without wheels – utterly pointless and incapable of moving forward. Logically, promoting customer engagement is a priority for businesses of every kind, but digital technology is forcing decision-makers to rethink their approach.

Today, customer service and engagement is about finding ways to connect with people at all times, no matter where they are. Our society of constant connectivity and personalisation means that people often want 24/7 attention from the brands they use. Yet, paradoxically, could the key to achieving this be utilising workforce automation and letting customers help themselves?

Competitive organisations use digital technology to engage their customers.

Technology changing the definition of customer service

Engaged customers are important to the development of a business. They will be loyal champions for your brand, and ultimately, if they feel that they are getting a lot out of a company, will be willing to put more into it. At the same time, people are becoming more careful with how they spend their money, and many will research thoroughly online to find brands that deliver the service they want. For businesses that want to stay competitive, it’s necessary to utilise innovative new avenues for connecting with their audience. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Jeff Auker, the best way to do this is through technology.

“The fast-growing companies are the ones seizing digital technologies in a really entrepreneurial way,” he said.

“Cloud computing, social media, and the like are levelling the playing field for young and mid-size companies by allowing them to do more with less, which helps those businesses compete with their bigger, public-company counterparts. For instance, 10 years ago it would have been cost-prohibitive for a young company to launch large-scale marketing and research efforts on a routine basis. That’s no longer the case.”

Customers want to take matters into their own hands.

Giving customers the attention they want

Customers want to feel valued, and maintain some control over the service they receive. Despite their desire for the constant attention from businesses, they still want to be empowered and independent. Consequently, in many cases, customer service now means self-service.

Gartner advises using mobile platforms, building transparency, and encouraging participation in order to boost customer engagement. It argues that self-service tools are invaluable for achieving this, giving customers the attention and autonomy they want while improving efficiency.

FastTrack’s recruitment software allows you to constantly communicate with your customers and clients, making the recruitment process more collaborative. In the end, you are able reduce the administrative tasks for your staff, all while engaging your market. For more information, talk to our team today.

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