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FastTrack360 is one platform to connect your whole recruitment business. It's a single cloud based recruitment software solution to help you from advert to invoice - filling jobs with the best candidates, capturing the time they work, paying them and billing clients. And more.

FastTrack360 is the business platform of choice for leading staffing organisations, globally. It improves your performance today, with borderless technology for how you grow tomorrow.

One platform. More possibilities.

FastTrack360 recruitment software

FastTrack recruitment software is built to help staffing organisations streamline and grow. Plus, our borderless cloud technology means you can add even more functionality using your favourite apps.

More than the end-to-end recruitment software
Recruit + Time + Pay + Bill

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More than recruitment CRM software
Recruit + the option to add Time

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More than recruitment software for online timesheets, payroll and billing
Time + Pay + Bill + the option to add 360Connect

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Add the apps that work for you
Google Maps + Secured Signing + more…

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All FastTrack recruitment software is backed with the support of our in-house Professional Services team, who specialise in business transition to ensure on-time and on-budget implementation. With many holding over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and payroll, our team’s knowledge and insight deliver real savings for staffing businesses.

Business benefits

At the end of 2019, ManpowerGroup had automated 90% of its timesheet processing after initiating a broader digital transformation the year prior, which has cut down invoice payment periods by “several days”.

“We’re getting our pay and invoicing right and obviously that means if it’s getting out there more quickly, we’re getting paid more quickly. There’s an impact that leads to better service and increased cash collection.”

Richard Fisher Managing Director

“We found that FastTrack360 was not only able to handle the volume of payroll required but also process it in a timely manner. Plus, their approach to project management provided us confidence that they would be there with us during the entire process”

“We wanted a partner that allowed us to understand the true reality of the project and who we believed could honestly deliver on their promise.”

Jamie McIntyre Application Manager

“I feel like FastTrack360 forms the foundation of the technology ecosystem. There are little things you can add-on, depending on what your business does, to help your company, depending on how you want to structure it.”

Kris Chand Change Manager

“The luxury we had with our system at the time was that we had the front end and back end working together. It made sense to us”

Riki Lingam IT Manager

“We wanted to connect everything together by only using the one software.”

Angel Sentosa Accounts Manager

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More capability

6,500+ users 3 of 4 leading staffing businesses in ANZ use FastTrack360 25+ years of recruitment experience 100% ANZ compliance 67,000+ Timesheets per week 3M+ Payees per year $5B Gross wages per year $7B Client invoices per year

Download the ultimate guide to selecting the best recruitment software for your business

Picking recruitment software can be challenging. The range of software available can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know what features you need, how much to spend and which recruitment software is best suited to your organisation and your staff. Plus, it’s not just about the software but the partnership you have with your provider. Leveraging our 25 year’s in the industry, we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you find out everything you need to know.


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Beyond recruitment software, we solve the challenges of our sector and make recruitment businesses even stronger. FastTrack360 services give you more ways to improve how you perform each day.

FastTrack Academy Get even more out of your FastTrack recruitment software with online training courses. Learn from our in-house industry expert consultants who have more than 15 years’ recruitment industry experience and expertise. Learn more
FastTrack Community We’ve created a community of experienced FastTrack users and employees for you to tap into. Our members share knowledge and insights, job opportunities, tips and tricks and are the first to hear about FastTrack events, webinars and special offers. Learn more

Built for better business performance to streamline workflows and move with your candidates through each stage, FastTrack360 cloud recruitment software takes the work out of processing data to let you take care of business, with more time to focus on people.


Power & Capability
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Feature-rich platform


One Platform
  • Whole-of-business recruitment solution
  • Borderless Software Technology
  • Flexible, configurable online platform


Business Efficiency
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Data accuracy and business efficiencies
  • Time and cost savings
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