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Proven payroll and billing capability a winner for Chandler Macleod Group

Chandler Macleod Group are one of the region’s largest employers with over 1,000 internal employees and 13,000 employees working out on client sites. As a leading staffing organization in ANZ, Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) have been in operation since 1959 with more than 35 offices across Australasia assessing over 24,000 candidates each and every year.

The Australian Government’s implementation of Single Touch Payroll (STP) was a major change to the taxation landscape and the key driver for CMG to review their recruitment software to ensure they were compliant.


CMG had a strict range of criteria that their preferred partner would need to meet which included:

  1. Compliance – Compliance with the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll
  2. Complete integrated solution – a single timesheet capture, payroll and billing platform which can integrate with their existing in-house front office system to offer a complete automated recruitment solution
  3. Single automated solution –Reduce the manual processing and resulting on-costs with greater automation through a single payroll and billing platform that included the automated processing of over 1,400 awards
  4. Improve client services – Improve client services through providing web and mobile portal capability, particularly to support processing and approving timesheets
  5. Future-proofed – having experienced the challenges and technical complexity with upgrading their fully-customized legacy system year on year, CMG wanted an innovative, off-the-shelf platform that would grow with their business into the future

"My key piece of advice is to not make any assumptions. Document your needs, include key stakeholders and run through a comprehensive process to find the right partner for your business."

Jamie McIntyre

Business Transformation Manager


CMG undertook a global formal Request for Tender (RFT) process. Key stakeholders across the entire business outlined all current processes and critical gaps, ranked these in order of priority for vendors to be scored against.

The leading providers were then hand-picked to respond based on their experience with:

  1. The specific requirements of the contingent labour market in ANZ
  2. Processing high volumes of contractor payroll in a timely manner
  3. Implementing and running businesses of comparable size to CMG
  4. Providing a single payroll and billing solution that automated data, reduced errors and could successfully integrate with their existing front-office solution

From the outset the project team ensured that the selection of a new recruitment platform was a whole-of-business decision.

“Throughout the process we made sure all key stakeholders from Sales, Client management, Payroll, Invoicing, IT and Finance were involved and engaged.”

“This ensured that from the RFP process through to implementing the software, all parties were actively involved in helping improve our business” said Business Transformation Manager, Jamie McIntyre.


For those looking to update their recruitment software Jamie recommends the following:

“My key piece of advice is to not make any assumptions. Document your needs, include key stakeholders and run through a comprehensive process to find the right partner for your business.”

“We found on top of running a RFP and reviewing demos, that completing workshops with key stakeholders and vendors allowed us to truly understand the capabilities of potential partners.”

“It really helped us to avoid some potential disasters – we found that FastTrack360 was not only able to handle the volume of payroll required but also process it in a timely manner. Plus, their approach to project management provided us confidence that they would be there with us during the entire process”

"We wanted a partner that allowed us to understand the true reality of the project and who we believed could honestly deliver on their promise."

Jamie McIntyre

Business Transformation Manager

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