4 barriers to business productivity

Productivity is one of the key drivers of business growth. If your employees aren't making the most of the time and resources available, your organisation will struggle to develop in the future.

Poor productivity may be a hard condition to diagnose, as it can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly deficiencies lie in your company. However, if your business is facing any of these four common situations, it might not be realising its full potential.

1. Unclear communication

A business cannot expect to grow if there are no clear channels of communication that link everyone together.

Miscommunication both among employees and with upper levels of management can cause discrepancies and conflict, slowing down business processes even further.

Make sure your business is making the most of its communication technology to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

2. Too many meetings

Companies that hold too many meetings or allow them to drag on for too long are wasting valuable time.

Try to save face-to-face meetings for only when absolutely necessary, and impose strict time limits to keep them succinct.

3. Lack of the right technology

In today's digital business world, there is a range of productivity software available that can improve workflow automation and streamline processes.

Implementing the right technological tools is the only way your company can expect to succeed in the ever-changing business arena. From preparing employees' payrolls to managing front-office processes, there is a software solution for almost any area of your business.

4. Poor office layout

Did you know that even the way your office is physically arranged can impact on productivity?

According to Build My Biz, the nature of your business can influence the office layout it requires. For example, organisations that rely on a high level of employee collaboration can benefit from open-plan floors with limited offices.

However, for those that require individual concentration from staff, the use of private spaces may be more helpful.

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