3 ways your recruitment agency can boost productivity

Recruitment can be a tough industry, with the balancing of clients' and candidates' needs and wants draining your agency's productivity at times.

However, implementing a few simple measures can help your agency cut out inefficiencies and be more productive, keeping your clients and customers happy in the process.

What can your agency do to ensure it is as productive as it can be?

1. Know your target market

Whether your recruitment agency is a generalist practice or caters to specific niche markets, ensure your staff has a thorough understanding of the market it services.

By having a good handle on the typical candidate in your market, your agency will have a better chance of matching them to the jobs most suitable for them.

Not only will this enhance customer satisfaction, it will also maximise your staff's productivity as they know exactly where to look to find the right candidate for a job and can streamline candidate searches.

2. Keep meetings to a minimum

According to StaffingRobot.com, having too many meetings is one of the biggest factors restricting the productivity of recruitment agencies.

There is no need for your staff to converge in person on a regular basis. Investing in workflow automation measures to streamline the most basic tasks can ensure there's less dependence on human interaction, cutting out the need to meet up and clarify issues.

3. Use recruitment software

The most efficient recruitment agencies understand how the right technology can take their productivity up a notch or two.

Recruitment software packages such as FastTrack360 streamline front, mid and back office processes to help your agency focus less on the finer details and more on delivering results for your clients.

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