3 things candidates seek in a recruitment agency

According to last year's Labor Market Participation report from Randstad, more than 80 per cent of Australians would use a recruitment agency to find a job if they were out of work.

This demonstrates that as much as jobseekers face intense competition to stay ahead of their peers and find work, recruitment agencies should also be battling it out to position themselves as the destination of choice for candidates.

There are several key indicators jobseekers look at when deciding which recruitment agency to use – what are three of the most important?

1. Industry expertise

While branching out and catering to a range of industries may work for some recruitment firms, most often it is better to take a narrower approach and focus on a niche.

Candidates want to work with an agency that can drive deep into their industry of choice and use their knowledge to find the most suitable role for them. It's therefore important that you understand the unique needs of jobseekers in your sector and can promptly point them in the right direction.

2. Extensive network

The importance of networking isn't just pertinent to job hunters – recruitment agencies must make sure they have a broad range of relevant connections as well.

Basically, the larger your client base, the more quickly you'll be able to source a job for someone. Candidates want to deal with agencies that can tap into their extensive network and locate the best jobs – some of which they may never have stumbled across without the help of an agency.

3. Efficiency and productivity

One of the best ways your agency can stand out from the competition is to use productivity solutions to streamline its workflow and deliver better results for candidates.

Candidates simply don't have the time to wait around to hear back weeks after application. Make sure your agency has the productivity tools in place to give them what they need, when they need it.

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