Why blue collar management software is so important

Blue collar management software is specifically designed to tackle the common challenges that come naturally and constantly with managing a blue collar workforce. Here’s how.

Needing to be able to quickly respond to clients’ needs
Clients can often call with a job that needs to be filled the next morning. Blue collar management systems can help you setup the job with the correct requirements, then quickly find candidates with the required skills and qualifications in close proximity to the job, and availability to work. Being able to setup job templates for common jobs so this process doesn’t need to be done from scratch every time will save on last minute scrambling.

Reducing manual handling
If blue collar agencies have to call around suitable candidates to confirm their availability, then manually send each of them the job details before confirming who has accepted the job, it can take you hours of admin to fill a job. Not to mention managing and approving paper timesheets or interpreting them against complex awards using a spreadsheet. This means your consultants are spending lots of time on admin, reducing your already lean margins. There is also a high risk of human error, likely to lead to high staff turnover due to burnout, and restrictions in your ability to grow due to cost of adding more consultants to manage. Any opportunity to make this process more efficient and automated will improve the service you can offer clients and candidates and improve your ability to grow your business.

Retaining good quality candidates
Candidates can easily change agencies for an extra dollar in pay. This makes it hard to build a loyal database of workers. Being able to easily communicate and engage with your talent pools means you have a higher chance of keeping good workers on your books. The candidates you can retain, reduces your advertising and onboarding costs to find new candidates.

Easily manage high volumes of workers and the complexity of blue collar industries
In blue collar industries it is more common to have high volumes of workers. This means any opportunity to make the process more efficient of finding, placing, time capture, payroll and billing is even more critical. Plus, the pay conditions for blue collar workers is complex, so being able to correctly translate timesheets into the accurate payroll is crucial. If any of these processes are managed manually it increases your reliance on key staff to remember key processes, the risk of human error and the chance of costs and time to fix, risk to your brand with clients and candidates. Blue collar management software helps mitigate these risks, improve your margins and protect your business.

Managing cashflow to be able to take opportunities when they arise
With all of complexity, volume and challenges of managing blue collar workers, it is hard to ensure the client jobs you take on are the right ones. Without insight into your profitability you can spend lots of time and energy chasing low margin bad business. This can then impact your business cashflow and put you and your team at risk. Plus, when opportunities arise such as new clients or big jobs, you may not have the spare cash or headcount to be able to take advantage. Blue collar management software helps you get better insight into your business such as seeing your gross margin on a job before you place a candidate, and automate your processes so you can take on more clients without increasing your staff costs.

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