What can blue collar management software do for your business?

If you’re managing a blue collar workforce, then it’s important to understand how implementing blue collar management software can assist your business, in both day-to-day management, as well as growing your business beyond its current level. Here are some of the key functions that blue collar management software can assist with.

The aim is to find the best candidates with the right skills that meet your client’s job requirements. This can be done by posting job ads on suitable job boards, or deep dive searching your existing database to find candidates you already have on file, saving you the cost of advertising and onboarding. Your search criteria will need to include availability, work history, ability to travel, suitable qualifications, licences and tickets for example. The key challenge with blue collar recruitment is meeting your clients’ needs as quickly, and cost efficiently as possible. Good blue collar management systems help with this.

Candidates need to be able to easily enter and submit the time they have worked plus any applicable expenses where relevant for reimbursement. Once candidates have filled out their timesheets, it will then need to be approved by the agency or client before being processed for payment by the payroll team. Ideally time can be captured online via mobile devices or onsite with clock-in systems that can be uploaded to your database.

Payroll is based on interpreting candidates’ timesheets against the correct awards and agreements to correctly pay candidates for the time they have worked. For example, ensuring a candidate gets paid overtime or time-and-a-half where applicable under the current award. This translation of timesheet into payroll is critical, as any errors can be costly to fix, not to mention can destroy your reputation and brand or worse case cause legal issues for your business.

The final stage is to add the statutory on-costs and your margin to the candidate payroll and then invoice the client. Your margin may be based on percentage mark-up, dollar-on-costs or a more sophisticated calculation. This process may also require you to invoice your client by parent, client or even work site, depending on their requirements. Getting your margins correct and invoices out to clients quickly and efficiently is critical to maintaining healthy cashflow.

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