The benefits of blue collar management software

The right blue collar management software for your business will help maximise efficiency, facilitate growth and empower your users. When considering software vendors for your business, understand the benefits from the outset and compare these with your business goals to see if they align. (You can find more about setting goals here.) As a start, a good blue collar software will include these core benefits:

One dedicated platform to run your whole business

If you’re starting out small or you’re looking to better manage recruitment, timesheet, payroll and billing, investing in a single end-to-end software will set you up right for the future.

  • Start with the front office functionality you want to find and place the best candidates, then expand to include timesheets, payroll and billing when you need without the pain of outgrowing and moving software. The right software will help you reduce your admin and power your growth.
  • A full-featured blue collar software gives you the advantage of keeping all of your important business data in one place. Refer to one single source of truth with no manual data entry, double handling and risk of human error.
  • Each function seamlessly speaks to each other to let you automate repetitive tasks and focus on value-add activity, plus generate whole-business reports to make informed decisions across the entire recruit, timesheet, payroll and billing process.
  • Save costs on purchasing, licensing, implementing and maintaining multiple systems
  • Avoid the hassle of disrupting your business with multiple updates, integration issues and different Customer Support teams.

Work conveniently on the cloud

Recruitment businesses have quickly moved away from blue collar systems traditionally hosted on premise and migrated to the cloud so they, clients and candidates can access it anytime, anywhere, and from any device. This is particularly useful for candidates working on site or scattered across multiple locations.

Plus, as your business grows and expands to new locations, all you’ll need is staff and laptops to get up and running. In case of any incidents or emergencies, have the comfort of knowing all your information is securely hosted on the cloud so your business never stops!

Does your blue collar business need an end-to-end software solution? To find out more about FastTrack360 and how it could help compliment your business’s growth get in touch today.

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