What does your branding say about your recruitment agency?


You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; yet many prospective clients and candidates do just that with recruitment agencies.

Branding plays an imperative role in relaying a company’s employee value proposition (EVP) in an increasingly competitive market. It has become key to sticking out from the crowd and gaining traction in the sector, and staffing organisations can benefit just as much as anyone else from a strong name appeal. Luckily, modern recruitment software has made it easy to implement features that speak to the distinct character of your company.

What’s your employee value proposition?

Branding is closely intertwined with a business’ EVP. The former represents targeted marketing efforts meant to build a persona for the company, Hays Recruitment reported. This helps to develop loyalty over the long-term, which for recruitment agencies can mean securing the highest-quality candidates for clients.

Companies that can’t support their branding and EVP claims could lose business.

An EVP is how a company would use its success in branding to showcase the benefits of working with them. It relies mainly on three distinct aspects, Hinge Marketing reported:

  • Company mission;
  • Workplace culture;
  • Employee professional development.

In short, if a recruitment agency’s brand is based around trustworthiness, for example, then you want transparency built into the business model for both clients and potential applicants. In this instance, self-service portals can be a simple yet effective addition to any strategy.

Start engaging with candidates

Words are cheap. Companies can say they offer unparalleled support to customers and job seekers, only to be unavailable when they’re needed most. Organisations can stick true to their word and solidify their EVP by offering access to important information 24 hours a day, seven days a week through self-service portals.

Self-service portals back up your branding claims.

The web page hosts everything parties need to stay updated on developments, such as job postings or ways to communicate with a recruitment agency’s staff. By giving them full access to all of the data at your disposal, you’re creating a transparent relationship between all parties. Clients know they’re getting the best service, and candidates aren’t exiled for weeks at a time.

By incorporating a self-service portal in tandem within an all-inclusive recruitment platform, companies can seamlessly make key information like billable hours readily available. Successful branding efforts can develop an EVP that’s difficult for the competition to beat; is your staffing agency doing all it can for its customers? Contact a FastTrack representative today to learn more.

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