Protecting ROI: Recruitment software and open API frameworks


Technology transforms so fast that a new model of your smartphone was probably released while you were reading this.

The same rings true for business’s digital investments. Maximising the return of your recruitment software should be a primary objective for your organisation. Every year there’s a new app or program that changes the way people work, and inflexible platforms can leave companies susceptible to falling behind. Systems with open application programming interface (API) framework are uniquely equipped to handle this ever-changing environment.

Forward-looking benefits

Simply put, open API frameworks allow developers access to the program to build off of it. This feature is especially valuable in recruitment software like FastTrack360 Vega, which has a built-in Marketplace that offers users access to useful applications like Google Maps, Secured Signing and Broadbean.

Open API frameworks act as insurance for recruitment software.

One of the major advantages with this type of system is that if the company using it doesn’t see an application they need or want to incorporate something new that just hit the market, it allows engineers to do just that. So rather than falling behind the rest of your competitors, your organisation is able to adapt and move forward. The benefits of this approach rear their heads in a variety of ways, according to Winnov:

  • Serves as insurance for future advancements in technology.
  • Ability to customise solution to the unique needs of your business.
  • Integrate a wider array of applications, rather than only having access to a select few.
  • Find more ways to incorporate all your solutions, instead of keeping them siloed.

Where does your company stand?

The digital revolution isn’t coming; it’s already here. Roughly 72 per cent of organisations surveyed by Deloitte University Press identified digitisation as an important priority moving forward, yet just 9 per cent are ready to implement it.

Open API frameworks help you protect your investment.

This leaves a large number of businesses searching for the next solution to adopt, and many will choose a robust recruitment software platform. But that time spent researching and evaluating could be all for naught if by the time it’s fully integrated, the next best thing has already hit the market.

You’ve seen it happen with your smartphones, televisions and computers; change is always around the corner. Will your company protect its investment, or gamble that its digital solution is the final technological advancement in the industry? Contact a FastTrack representative today to learn more.

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