Midyear forecast for recruitment increase

Employers with recruitment software will be at a significant advantage in the second half of 2014, suggests CareerBuilder's Midyear Job Forecast.

More than 2,000 US hiring managers and HR professionals were surveyed as part of the forecast and asked their thoughts on the next six months of recruitment. The survey featured a cross-section of industries and company sizes, suggesting that job growth should be widespread.

Nearly half (47 per cent) of those employers plan to hire both full time employees this year, an increase of 3 per cent from last year. At the same time, 27 per cent intend to recruit part-time workers, up from 25 per cent in mid-2013.

As well as this, temporary and contract workers seem to be more in demand, with 33 per cent of HR professionals investigating this job type. This is an increase of 2 per cent on last year.

CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation, Matt Ferguson, explained that employers are more assured of recruitment compared to last year's Midyear Job Forecast.

"Back then, employers anticipated a spike in temporary employment in the second half of the year while permanent employment was to remain flat," he said.

"The 2014 midyear forecast shows employers are expecting forward movement in all categories of hiring."

What industries are in demand?

According to CareerBuilder, jobs in particular industries should begin to open up towards the end of 2014. HR professionals and hiring managers in these sectors responded positively towards recruitment and job creation.

"Jobs will also be added in a variety of areas, heavily favouring job seekers with expertise in technology, financial operations, communications and other specialised fields," Mr Ferguson said.

For businesses looking to hire the best talent for the size and scope of the role, recruitment software must be a consideration. The software can manage candidates and their CVs to efficiently match the right person to the right job, no matter the job type.

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