New report highlights increasingly high-tech world of recruitment

Australian businesses and jobseekers alike are turning to online resources and new technology in order to streamline recruitment processes, according to the latest Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency Australian recruitment practices report.

The report – undertaken by the Macquarie University Centre for Workforce Futures – highlights a number of key trends that are currently affecting the way recruitment is performed in Australia, and will be of interest to any recruitment agency looking to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. 

Chief amongst those trends were online, mobile and social media platforms, which are quickly replacing newspapers are the primary method of posting job vacancies. 

Another significant shift is the move towards job search aggregators, which allow jobseekers to search across multiple sources in order to identify and collate the best available positions to fit their skill​ set.

"Employers are understandably keen to take advantage of these aggregators and are developing or redesigning their online career pages to maximise the chances that job seekers will pick up their vacancies in searches," reads the report. 

As a result, the report states that employers are now "seeking to optimise their employment websites so aggregator services can find and re-distribute their vacancies" more easily.

New technology brings new challenges for the recruitment industry 

These new technology platforms are significantly streamlining the recruitment process for both jobseekers and employers, and this is creating new challenges for the recruitment industry as a whole. 

As it becomes easier for clients and candidates alike to find employment without the assistance of a third party, recruitment agencies will need to improve both the quality and timeliness of their service in order to ensure they are not being left behind. 

Fortunately, intelligent recruitment software that offers improved workflow automation functionality can assist with this, by ensuring that the right candidates are being paired with the right clients every time. 

By maximising the productivity and accuracy of both your front and back office, recruitment efficiency software can ensure your agency continues to deliver a valuable and in-demand service. 

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