Department of Employment: Job market set for three years of positive results

As the Australian job market continues to go through peaks and troughs, knowing what skills and positions are vacant is key for candidates. Likewise for employers, knowing the state of the market and the quality of hires available is increasingly important.

Fortunately, in good news for all the applicable parties, the Department of Employment maintains that the Australian job market will be predominantly in the ascendency over the next three years.

However, millennials may still struggle to find positions, even if they have strong academic backgrounds. The amount of young professionals seeking new opportunities is continually outstripping demand, and those with industry experience – rather than an extensive list of qualifications – are likely to be the ones that get ahead.

"One of the most difficult challenges, that even the most highly educated person can face, is breaking into the labour market with little or no workplace experience," explained the Department of Employment in an interview with the International Business Times.

There are a number of professions in particular that are set to experience both growth and an upturn in competitiveness. Jobs in the medical profession – particularly occupational therapists, physiotherapists and medical imaging specialists – will follow a positive trend.

The government is actively working to get young professionals employed, with schemes such as the Training for Employment Scholarship and Youth Employment Pathways amongst others being offered in efforts to better equip millennial candidates with more rounded skillsets.

Following on from the Australian Bureau of Statistics release late last month that saw unemployment fall but the availability of jobs limited, these latest predictions from the Department of Employment will no doubt be welcomed if they do indeed come true.

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