John Armstrong joins FastTrack's Board of Directors

FastTrack announces that seasoned Chief Financial Officer John Armstrong has joined the Board as a non-executive Director, following the success of FastTrack360. The triumph of this platform in the market has prompted a recent capital raising with the aim of supporting further expansion to capitalise on a thriving market presence. This is an opportune time for the company to refocus its long-term goals, and John is the ideal candidate to support the company's drive into the future.

According to FastTrack's Chief Executive Officer David Page, John is an exciting addition to a company that already has a highly effective leadership team.

"We are pleased to welcome John Armstrong as Director of FastTrack, and know he will use his extensive commercial and financial experience to guide the company to new heights. We look forward to seeing the positive changes he will bring with his expertise," said David.

"We are pleased to welcome John Armstrong as Director of FastTrack."

New surge of growth on the horizon for FastTrack

Prior to this position, John served as CFO of Seek for 13 years, during which the company experienced rapid and sustained expansion into the successful organisation we know today. Seek is now one of the largest recruitment sites in Australia, and has a prevalent market presence in employment, education and volunteering around the world. John was a key player during this development, experience that FastTrack hopes to utilise in it's own story of growth.

John also acts as Non Executive Director at Melbourne IT and Blackmores. He has collected a variety of abilities over the course of his career, which will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable to FastTrack going forward.

"I am very excited about the challenge to help FastTrack grow into an enterprise that dominates its market, even more than it does already," John said. "This will be a great opportunity to use my skills in a new environment, and continue to develop the customer-centric approach and true end-to-end offering that differentiates FastTrack from its competitors."

Since it was established in 1992, FastTrack's unique, fully integrated system has been reliably meeting the needs of its more than 650 clients, improving performance and boosting productivity measurably. It is because of its leaders that this success is possible, and John Armstrong is sure to be a valued member of the team for years to come.

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