3 questions that show lack of cloud understanding


Despite the growing popularity of the cloud, there are still some myths floating around the business world. With so many things to consider when moving to the cloud, it’s easy for the uninitiated have misconceptions, as Gartner Vice President David Mitchell Smith points out.

“Cloud computing, by its very nature, is uniquely vulnerable to the risks of myths. It is all about capabilities delivered as a service, with a clear boundary between the provider of the service and the consumer,” he said.

In order to make the most of your productivity software, you need to ensure you have an accurate grasp of the cloud and it’s capabilities. If you are asking any of the following questions, you might not have a full understanding of cloud computing. Comprehending these things will allow you to clear any cloud myths and use the technology to its full potential.

If your cloud platform is being sluggish, chances are the internet connection is the problem, not the software.

1. Why is it taking so long to move data on the cloud?

If you’re adopting cloud software to increase efficiency and streamline your work flow, it can be very frustrating when it seems to be lagging behind. Some people think that if the cloud is operating slowly or it is taking too long to transfer data, it’s a problem with the platform or the software. But have you taken a look at your internet speed?

The software can only work as fast as the connection allows it to, so it’s important to consider your bandwidth when implementing a cloud solution. Make sure you have adequate upload and download speeds to ensure information can move quickly through the network. If you are experiencing lag, it may be time to upgrade your connection so you can maximise the cloud’s productivity benefits.

The cloud is to hard drives what digital cameras are to film cameras – you won’t run out of storage space.

2. What if I don’t have enough space?

Some organisations, particularly bigger ones with a large amount of data, may worry that they will run out of storage space on the cloud and not be able to host everything they need to. In fact, the cloud is not comprised of limited storage space the way a computer hard drive is – it has the potential to be expanded infinitely as required.

When adopting a cloud solution, first assess your information to determine how much storage you will need, as well as how this is likely to expand in the future. The right cloud provider will be able to scale the solution based on your requirements. This not only ensures you have enough space now, but gives you room to grow in the long term without having to worry about the longevity of your recruitment software investment.

Cloud software providers have access to better security measures than you could get on your own.

3. Will my information be more vulnerable to criminals?

For many companies, the idea of having their information outside of their protection and control is a big concern. It is one of the biggest reasons that leaders may resist a move to the cloud. It’s understandable, as a cyberattack or leak of sensitive information could be very costly for an organisation, but this belief is also a big misconception.

In general, the cloud faces similar security challenges to other IT solutions, but in many cases your data will actually be much safer when stored on the cloud. This is because providers will likely have access to much better security measures than your business can get on its own. Additionally, your information will be backed up in another location to ensure continuity.

When you’re moving to the cloud, it’s always a good idea to get a full picture of what you will be facing. Find a cloud provider that will give you the information and support you need to make the most of your efficiency software. Talk to the team at FastTrack today.

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