How do recruitment strategies affect time to hire?


Organisations in Australia have a number of factors to consider when securing new talent to fill vacant roles. However, along with assessing a candidate’s skills and potential culture fit, they also need to manage the time it may take to attract the right people in the first place.

Capable recruitment software solutions allow businesses to utilise a number of different employment strategies, some of which can greatly reduce the time it takes to find the required talent.

An industry report from US recruitment company DHI hiring discovered that these durations can greatly differ according to the industry the employer works in. In the company’s experience, businesses that work in the healthcare or financial sectors often struggle the most to find the necessary personnel.

In these cases, the firm found it can take up to 44 and 41 days respectively to fill vacant roles, creating a significant challenge for hiring managers and other employees who need to fill in for this absence.

At the other end of the spectrum, both the construction and retail industries were found to have fewer challenges securing capable talent. In the case of the construction industry, the average was as low as 12 days in some cases. For retail, the average was around 20 days.

According to President and CEO of DHI Group Michael Durney, it’s up to employers to prove attractive to a diverse range of candidates.

“The recruiting environment today varies by sector, but there are a few standouts,” he said. “The revolving door of talent continues to turn in these specific industries, leaving employers with the task of finding compelling ways to attract skilled professionals to fill open seats.”

Amazon advertised some of the innovative ways companies can approach the employment process, offering an app service that allows people to become part time couriers for the company.

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