Cloud transformation will be defined by people

For businesses approaching cloud computing solutions for the first time, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and get the impression that the movement is defined by the related technology. 

The technical features of these trends include the software, hardware and other related network infrastructure. While these are all integral to a successful cloud computing operation, there's another feature that's arguably more important, but how many businesses are aware of its significance?

According to technology research expert Gartner, the real hero of the digital future will be people, with the firm detailing that productivity solutions will depend on the right personnel as well as supporting technology. 

This issue is of particular importance when the subject of cybersecurity arises. In many cases, this is still one of the major concerns for those approaching the technology for the first time. According to the Cloud Security Alliance, most firms consider data protection one of the most important aspects of any cloud service. 

However, as Gartner found, this is a concern that can be easily overcome with the right people and companies involved in the planning and implementation stages, especially as the CSA found few organisations are prioritising cloud migration strategies. 

On top this, Gartner also discovered that these security concerns are integrating with general business practices, in some cases becoming inseparable. Managing Vice President Christian Byrnes had some advice for the personnel tasked with managing cloud computing.

"Such professionals must practice business resiliency and adaptability, because they are now so integrated with digital business decisions that leaders cannot tell where business ends and cybersecurity begins," he said. 

Gartner provided further guidance for these security initiatives, stating there are three key tenets they should operate by. These are confidentiality, integrity and availability, and are likely to continue to define security initiatives. 

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