Recruiters to play role in boosting migration, economy


HR professionals and recruiters can play a key role in attracting migrants to Australia who have the right kind of talent to plug gaps in the workforce and boost the economy.

Taking their recruitment expertise beyond the border, skills shortfalls predicted in a range of industries can be met. However, attracting the best international talent is highly competitive as many countries are trying to do the same thing to bolster their own economic development.

“Migration has been a significant driver for our economy”

Permanent migration on the increase

A recent report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) suggested the number of permanent migrants arriving in the country each year may double over the next 40 years.

However, it cautioned that economic benefits of increasing permanent migration would only occur if existing skilled migration visa requirements became more focused, and infrastructure in the major cities could keep pace with population growth.

CEDA Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin said ensuring continued success with our skills focused migration program requires getting the right mix of migration and also looking at where migrants settle.

“Migration has been a significant driver for our economy, particularly under the skills based approach that has been in place for some time,” he said.

“Australia’s migration program is considered world leading, and the contribution to Australia’s economic sustainability genuine but that’s not to say Australia’s migration program is problem free. A focus on skilled migration has served Australia well and that is why we need to make sure that if we are bringing in skilled labor it is to meet genuine skills shortages.”

HR professionals and recruiters can play an key role in attracting skilled migrants to Australia.

Martin added that better long-term planning around population growth is required, even suggesting options should be explored to boost economic investment and encourage migrant settlement in regional areas.

“While migration shouldn’t be relied on as the only driver of economic growth in Australia, if the policy settings are right it can deliver significant economic and social benefits for both existing and new residents,” he said.

“A focus on skilled migration has served Australia well”

Role of recruiters

Specialised recruitment agencies help busy internal hiring managers, conducting exhaustive searches, identifying suitable candidates and often managing the process end-to-end.

Recruiters with a strong international network combined with robust experience in advising on relocations and government immigration regulations will be in high demand. Within both HR and agency settings, advanced software solutions are proving invaluable – improving the efficiency of the entire process – from initial search to payments and invoicing.

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