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Advanced software tools have revolutionised the way recruitment agencies do business. Cloud-based software solutions are now providing recruiters with easy access to multiple sources of data, both internal and external, helping them to fill more roles in faster times, process payments and billing, and boost their agency’s overall chances of long-term success.

New technology can certainly improve an agency’s efficiency in terms of how information is transmitted from the front office recruitment part of the business through to the back office – where payroll and billing take place. Having these different functions better connected reduces delays and avoids duplication of work.

New technology can help improve the efficiency of recruitment agencies.

Mobile devices redefining how we work

Improving information flow between front and back office is one way that new technology can raise productivity. Another benefit is that it can enable data access and collaboration across different platforms in an age where employees are using a variety devices, such as mobiles, notepads and laptops.

Monica Basso, vice president of Gartner Research, said mobile devices in particular are enabling a new generation of collaboration within organisations.

“Empowering workers with mobile collaboration capabilities through smart devices, personal cloud sharing and mobile apps is a smart move for organisations to innovate in the workplace and stay competitive,” Ms Basso said.

Many recruitment agencies in Australia have recognised the need to embrace technological change.

Embracing change key to staying ahead 

Many recruitment agencies in Australia have recognised the need to embrace technological change to help their recruiters compete in the market. Despite the potential disruption of implementing new software, going through the process has helped numerous agencies position themselves well for future success.

Making the change as painless as possible will depend not only on your choice of software tool but on your choice of provider. It’s worth doing your homework on the background and expertise of different vendors, and you should consider making a decision based on one with a history of successful implementations.

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