5 tech trends changing the face of recruitment

The recruitment industry in Australia is worth $12 billion and has grown by close to two per cent a year since 2013, according to IBISWorld data. Following robust economic growth and increasing shortages of talent in 2018, it’s likely that this growth will continue into the foreseeable future.

In such a fast-expanding and competitive market it’s essential for recruiters to find an edge over the competition wherever they can. Follow these five ultra-influential recruitment tech trends to start focusing your offering.

  1. Mobile job hunting

Australians are spending an increasing amount of time glued to their mobile phones. We browse the web, communicate, check social media and we’re now using our phones to job search.

In fact, 89 per cent of Australians admitted to using their mobiles to find a job, according to a recent survey from PageUp. Despite that, the same survey found that only 29 per cent of employers have career sites that are fully optimised for mobile. You have to be where the talent is, and optimising your site for mobile is essential for that.

The recruitment industry is changing. To be successful you need to change with it.

  1. Data collection and analysis

Recruitment is and always will be a people-centric business. Data collection and analysis is merely a tool to help recruiters better understand people, and it’s becoming increasingly useful as technology develops and the industry becomes more savvy.

Using cutting edge recruitment software, you can automatically measure useful metrics like cost-per-hire, time-in-pipeline, employee retention, applicants per posting and much more. These can be used to increase retention of hired candidates, build better offers and to understand what candidates want.

Data is also a great tool to help keep clients happy by giving them an insight into your performance and the recruitment process.

Posting a job ad on your website alone isn’t enough in 2018.

  1. Automation and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often talked about but rarely understood. Despite that, 35 per cent of Australian hiring managers say that it’s the top trend impacting the future of recruitment, according to a LinkedIn survey.

What most don’t understand is that AI isn’t going to take over our jobs any time soon. Rather it offers a number of small time saving and efficiency improvements that multiply to make recruitment easier, and recruiters more effective.

Using smart software like FastTrack360, you can automate repetitive tasks such as candidate screening and searching as well as collection and analysis of data, saving time and finding better talent.

  1. Multi-platform recruitment

Posting a job ad on your website isn’t enough in 2018. If you’re not everywhere that your perfect hire is you’ll miss out, which is why multi-platform recruitment is a must in 2018 and beyond.

Put simply this means to find the best talent you need to advertise and connect through your website, job posting platforms and social media. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook in particular help open recruiters up to wider talent pools, and offer a more authentic insight into applicants.

More and more candidates are using mobiles for their job search.

  1. End-to-end recruitment software

Having several software platforms to handle each function of your business is no longer accepted practice. End-to-end recruitment software like FastTrack360 can handle all the recruitment, time capture, payroll and billing functions of your business with ease.

This cuts down on the time, cost, risk and inefficiency of using several software vendors, and can deliver:

  • Up to 66 per cent reduction in operating costs.
  • 90 per cent reduction in payroll errors.
  • Two days per week saved by automating payroll, and much more.

The future of recruitment is here, and to stay competitive you’ve got to start looking forward now. Get in touch today to request a demo of FastTrack360 and start future proofing your business.

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