Which industries will have access to the best talent this financial year?

The new financial year is set to bring change to businesses across Australia, providing them with an opportunity to assess their recruitment strategies for the rest of the year. 

For some companies, it will be a time to put their recruitment software to the test, with Hays predicting a range of businesses will use rejuvenated budgets to acquire new staff. As always, there are some industries better poised than others to capitalise on the demand for employees and others that will be challenged. 

One of the largest sectors demanding employees is sales as companies look to capitalise on what Hays is describing as a period of business growth. However, Hays' latest Quarterly Report is predicting there are specific sales roles in demand that will define the rest of this financial year.

In particular, companies are looking for business development managers rather than account managers due to a desire for business expansion. This is in part being driven by the country's growing construction and property markets. This rapid rise is demanding sales professionals who can assist in all facets of these industries.

Of course, there is a selection of skills that employers desire across multiple industries The digital nature of modern business is defining the employment market now, with companies demanding digital marketing managers to foster their presence online. 

According to Managing Director Nick Deligiannis, this growth is not limited to any business size either, with most companies optimistic about the future. 

"From multinationals to SMEs and start-ups, employers are focusing more on sales and business development rather than restructuring," he said. "They want people who can be at the forefront of their revenue growth." 

With the arrival of the new financial year and new ambitious growth plans, demand will be high for sales professionals, digital experts, and people who can keep costs in check."

This drive for cost-cutting is likely to drive demand for productivity solutions as companies rush to improve their operating procedures. 

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