The top interview mistakes candidates make

Interviewing candidates for clients is part and parcel of any recruitment agency's work, and most will have their fair share of horror stories from this crucial stage of the application process.

From candidates who turn up late to those who display poor body language, there are a range of critical errors that can effectively spell the end of an applicant's chances.

And, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, the most seasoned interviewers will not hesitate to decide on a candidate's fate – with almost half of employers saying they know within five minutes whether someone is right for the job.

A staggering 87 per cent claim they take only 15 minutes to make a judgment on a candidate.

The survey probed deeper and asked respondents what were some of the biggest blunders candidates made that led to them missing out on the job, and the main culprits will be familiar to most recruiters.

Appearing disinterested was the top interview mistake, claiming more than half (55 per cent) of respondents' votes. Dressing inappropriately and appearing arrogant were also two big mistakes that particularly irked interviewers.

Body language was another area of scrutiny for interviewers, and failing to make eye contact or smile were heavily frowned upon by respondents. In fact, well over two thirds (70 per cent) said that the former mistake was the most fatal in the body language stakes.

Recruiting the right individuals in order to deliver client satisfaction is the primary goal of recruitment agencies, and the interview process is where many often stumble.

While behaviour and body language cues can help you decide whether or not a candidate is a good fit, you can also use technology to narrow down your candidate pool and help identify the best person for a job. Many agencies now make use of recruitment software, for example, to efficiently search through extensive candidate bases to single out the best prospects.

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