Technology boosts automation, creates high skill jobs

Technology advances and workflow automation are sweeping the world and although costing some workers their roles, are creating a number of high skill opportunities.

According to a US survey conducted by Harris Poll, on behalf of CareerBuilder, one in five (21 per cent) companies have replaced workers with technology. However, it was interesting to note that the majority (68 per cent) of businesses that had integrated technology had also created new positions as a result.

The survey suggested that 35 per cent of companies actually ended up with more jobs in their firms as a result of the installed technology and the workflow automation.

CEO of CareerBuilder Matt Ferguson believes technology in the workplace doesn't have to cost employees their jobs and can be a major benefit to the workforce.

"Technological advancements have not only increased productivity, but historically have led to an expansion of employment," he said.

"While automation may eliminate some jobs, it also creates other jobs that are higher paying and lifts the standard of living for the economy as a whole."

Mr Ferguson went onto say that the greater challenge for employers was preparing and education the next generation of workers for the high skill jobs that will become available through technology. Workers will experience and expertise in the STEM-related fields will be at a distinct advantage as more technology is introduced.

As well as this, "31 per cent of employers predicted that certain jobs within their firms will likely be replaced by technology to some degree in the next decade," the survey said.

Creating a more productive workplace will also have great benefit to other sectors of the business such as the relationships between clients and customers.

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