Should you hire candidates at the end of the year?

Many businesses see a spike in activity at the holiday season, such as wholesalers, retailers and even recruitment agencies.

The transitional New Year period is a ripe time for recruiters as many employees see it as an opportune moment to switch jobs. If your own agency is aiming to bring some festive cheer to end-of-year job hunters, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Keep an eye out for seasonal job seekers

Depending on what type of organisation you run, temporary workers who are just looking for a seasonal gig may or may not be of interest to your clients.

Especially with university students done for the year and looking for cash to get them through their holidays, it's important to note there will be a lot of seasonal candidates in the market. Your agency can use recruitment software to efficiently sort through candidates and find the ones that will best meet your clients' needs.

Think long term

Even if a candidate is only looking for a short term job for the end of the year, it can be useful to keep track of them and see how they perform for your client.

Any outstanding employees can be candidates for further, long term employment with your client, or otherwise you can earmark them on your database for similar roles in future.

Anticipate the high volumes of candidates

Your agency's resources are likely to be stretched even further at this time of year as the applications keep pouring in.

Fortunately, technology solutions nowadays such as efficiency software can help your agency service your clients and candidates seamlessly. These products offer workflow automation functionalities to ensure your agency performs its critical tasks on time, even in the most hectic of seasons.

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