Passive job seekers: Are they worth your time?

Most recruitment agencies tend to focus on active job seekers, those who are likely to be unemployed and actively seeking work.

While it may seem logical to target these job seekers who are actively in the market, it can be worthwhile taking a look at the passive job market as well. Passive job seekers are those that are currently employed but may be interested in a new position should the opportunity arise.

One of the benefits of finding passive job seekers for your clients is that they show signs of stability simply by being employed in this tough economy. A candidate who is currently employed is more likely to have the skills and experience to help them hit the ground running at a new job.

Additionally, it can be easy to source passive job seekers with the relevant skills as you can target those employed in your client's industry, instead of opening up a position to thousands of unqualified candidates.

If your recruitment agency is trying to get some passive candidates on its books, what are some tips to keep in mind?

Enhance your client's profile and brand

In your agency's search for passive job seekers, make sure you set up your clients in the best light possible.

Highlight your clients' strongest features, whether it be their size, market dominance or outstanding reputation, and give your candidates a reason to consider one of their roles.

Tap into social media and networks

To really explore the passive job market, your agency should make the most of the social media and networking channels available today. Websites such as LinkedIn are perfect places to find individuals who may currently be employed but are still open to new job opportunities – and possess the skills your clients need.

Used in conjunction with recruitment software, social media can be the perfect avenue in which to search for passive candidates.

Don't forget the job advertisement

Job advertisements shouldn't just be targeted at active job seekers – make sure you are advertising your clients' postings to passive channels as well, remembering to include key selling points such as salary.

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