Recruiters can’t be complacent: Robert Half


Agencies can’t afford to become “complacent” despite larger applicant numbers in recent years, according to a recent survey from recruitment industry leader Robert Half says.

Robert Half surveyed 100 human resource executives in a number of Australian companies and found 36 per cent of candidates are more likely to turn down a job offer today than they were three years ago.

Andrew Brushfield, a director at Robert Half said recruiters need to understand that employees have a wide range of options when selecting jobs in the current market.

“It is easy to assume that recruitment is a one-sided process with the cards stacked in the employer’s favour. However, hiring managers don’t always hold the winning hand, and there is no guarantee their preferred candidate will accept the offer,” he said.

When asked why employees turned down job offers, there was conjecture. The most common response was another job offer (29 per cent) followed by 21 per cent saying the remuneration was an issue.

Mr Brushfield explained good talent is constantly in demand and it was imperative employees know what a good salary is in the sector.

“Failing to offer appropriate remuneration can cost a business dearly, both in terms of lost talent plus wasted time and resources during the recruitment process,” he said.

Just 16 per cent referred to an candidate deciding to stay in their current job and 12 per cent to a long commute or the job not meeting their expectations.

Mr Brushfield concluded that employers have to find ways of attracting and retaining staff. He mentioned professional development or giving employee’s control over where they work as possible solutions.

“For employers [this means] being honest about the position and responsibilities, availability of resources, working hours and remuneration,” he said.

Businesses wanting to attract the best candidates possible are recommended to install recruitment software which can manage the process when there is high demand for a role.

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