Recruitment doesn't end when the contract is signed

While having a new staff member sign their contract might seem like it is the end of the recruitment process, really, it is the beginning of the next phase.

New team members need to be onboarded effectively to ensure they have the resources they need to perform in their new role and integrate smoothly with the rest of your staff. 

Reserach produced by BambooHR for LinkedIn's Talent Blog highlighted what employees need to feel supported in new roles, increasing their chances of staying with the company for longer and keeping productivity solutions at their most effective. 

What should you provide for new starters in the first week?

The first week at a new job can be nerve-wracking for employers and employees alike as both look to settle in with each other. 

BambooHR discovered there are a number of steps businesses can take to ensure new starters get the smoothest possible induction. Just over three quarters (76 per cent) desire on-the-job training, allowing them to learn new processes and procedures in a practical environment. 

Employees also like to be briefed on company policy in their first week at a new job. According to BambooHR, this applies to 73 per cent of recent recruits, as people like to be aware of how their new company operates and expects them to behave. 

This also links with the factors employees outlined as reasons to stay, with the winner being 'clearer guidelines', closely followed by better training and an open, friendly environment.

New staff have strong opinions on who they want to manage their onboarding as well. A third (33.23 per cent) prefer that management take the reins, followed by HR at 28 per cent.

BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson believes these processes need to be planned in advance so you are prepared for your new employee's first day. 

"Onboarding isn't something you try to throw together after your new hire is looking to you on day one. It's something you need to think hard about," he said.

"Don't simply give lip service to 'your most important asset.' Invest in your new hires and give them an exceptional first experience, so you can both know they made the right choice."

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