New training model set to help staff and employers

Recruiting staff is not a one off event, it requires a concentrated effort from a company to ensure the right people are hired and then retained. Prospective employees respond to development opportunities, which can encourage interest and engagement within a business. 

An announcement from the Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham, introduced a new scheme that is set to make training easier and more effective for staff and employers alike. The overhaul is intended to encourage growth and increase business productivity through more efficient training. 

"In an increasingly competitive, globalised and technologically-advanced economy, Australian industry needs skills training that meets the demands of their modern workplaces," explained Mr Birmingham. 

Rather than a complete replacement, the new program will build on what was successful in the older versions while updating areas that need improvement. It is also not limited by industry, with businesses across Australia expected to benefit from its revision. 

"The model ensures industry is central in identifying occupational skill outcomes and allows better industry guidance in the development of training products. These training products are the backbone of the vocational education and training (VET) system, as they define the workplace skills needed by plumbers, clerks, electricians, truck drivers and myriad other occupations," said Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Director of Employment, Education and Training, Jenny Lambert.

This is expected to influence a large number of jobseekers as the new processes are implemented. As many as 2 million students across Australia took a VET course last year, according to the ACCI, with up to 78 per cent of those now using the skills they acquired in businesses nationwide.

The benefits go beyond the jobseekers however, with companies having access to a wider range of trained candidates when hiring. 

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