What's the most important thing to offer staff?

Graduates and jobseekers are often sent out into the workforce after being told to follow their dreams, but are they taking heed of this advice? Recent research from recruitment expert Adecco suggests that they aren't, with some factors considered to be more important than landing a dream job.

While there is certainly still a desire for graduates to pursue their dream jobs, most value stability over any other requirements. Of the 1,001 millennials surveyed by Adecco in its Way to Work program, up to 70 per cent would choose a stable job that does not require any emotional investment over an unsecured dream job of their choosing. 

The reasoning for this is not a lack of ambition, but rather a shift in goals as defined by recent economic events. These trends have highlighted the need for stability and security in the workforce for these generations. 

"A trend we're seeing emerge is that students – particularly the older ones – who felt or witnessed the impact of the recession are more likely to prioritise career growth and stability in their job search," explained President of Adecco Staffing, USA, Joyce Russell. "The data shows us that these students are willing to make mature decisions, like pursuing financial stability over passion and focusing on long term goals as a way to ensure their future."

Around 36 per cent of respondents indicated that opportunities for career growth are the most important aspects of their first professional jobs. Growth opportunities can be managed with recruitment software to ensure your staff have he options they require to get ahead. 

It remains to be seen if these trends will continue to the next generations of workers, with Adecco unsure of how they will react to the economic landscape. 

"We're on the cusp of a new era," Ms Russell continued. "With the first group of 'Gen Z' now in college, it will be fascinating to learn how this new generation of the labour force differs from Millennials in terms of their aspirations, outlook, expectations and priorities."

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