How to protect sensitive recruitment information

Recruitment agencies, by their very nature, are required to store large quantities of personal information regarding candidates.

This can include contact details and billing and financial information, as well as employment and education histories – all data that individuals would not want falling into scrupulous hands.

And it is the responsibility of the recruitment agency managing this personal information to make sure it does so in a way that is secure and private.

According to Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim, information security is one of the most important security issues facing Australians today.

Earlier this year, Mr Pilgrim released a statement encouraging Australian businesses to build privacy into the foundations of their organisation by taking a 'privacy by design' approach to information security.

"With the steady increase in the collection of personal information in the online environment and the reliance on electronic and online records, businesses and government agencies cannot ignore the need to take steps to protect the personal information of their customers or clients," Mr Pilgrim said.

That statement rings particularly true for recruitment agencies that rely on being able to offer a secure and confidential service in order to continue attracting the top clients and candidates in the country.

Fortunately, there are tailored recruitment software solutions available which offer built in security functionality to ensure the protection of highly sensitive information.

By offering several security levels to access online timesheets and other essential information, this software can ensure only the right people are able to view and utilise important data which is securely stored in Australia.

Through the implementation of high quality recruitment software, your recruitment agency can minimise the risk that confidential information will fall into the wrong hands, and therefore ensure that the integrity of your candidate data is preserved.

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