How software can help recruiters focus on high value tasks

LinkedIn interviewed hundreds of industry leaders from around the world to form their 2018 Recruiting Trends report. It asked which trends would shape the future of the industry and respondents answered – new interviewing tools, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

All of these trends are exciting because they remove the clutter from a recruiter’s workday. They streamline and automate repetitive, low value tasks so that you can spend time building relationships with candidates and clients, making recruitment easier.

Smart software streamlines your tasks so that you can focus on what matters.

Skip the grunt work

Recruitment is a busy job. You might have a dozen or more positions to fill at one time, each of which requires hours of administrative work. That means time-spent posting descriptions on multiple job boards, corresponding with candidates, identifying prospects that fit the job description and much more.

All of these tasks are essential but they’re also very time consuming and a little mindless. They add minimal value as all recruiters will complete them to the same high standard. That’s why these tasks should be automated and streamlined using smart software designed with these exact processes in mind. FastTrack360 cutting edge recruitment software is the ideal solution.

Automate the grind

FastTrack360 is the only truly end-to-end recruitment platform in the country. It can help with everything from recruiting and time recording, through to paying candidates and billing clients. During the recruitment process, the software syncs with your email and text messaging service to allow you to manage correspondence within one system.

FastTrack360 allows candidates to fill in time sheets via mobile.

You can send automated replies, sort through resumes or automatically load applicants into a searchable candidate database. This means your communications are streamlined and you’ll always have the talent you need to fill positions at your fingertips.

The software’s time sheet entry module allows candidates to fill out details on the go via a self service portal, which is conveniently optimised for mobile viewing. All the while the software collects data on your business’s processes and transactions so that you can better understand and improve them.

Recruitment automation is the future of the industry. Get ahead of your competition and start working smarter. Get in touch today.

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