4 ways to spot a problem candidate

Recruitment can be a tough business – how do you quickly and accurately screen thousands of candidates to find the one person who is the best fit for your client?

Understanding your client's requirements with recruitment software can be a big help, as you keep tabs on the specifications laid out in their job description. However, it can also be useful to keep an eye out for some tell-tale signs that indicate a candidate is nothing but trouble – and should be steered well clear of.

Whether it's in the resume screening or interview process, here are four red flags that should set alarm bells ringing.

1. They're in it for the money or the perks

Pay careful attention to where the candidate's priorities lie when you sit down to interview.

If they're more concerned about salary or benefit negotiations than actually finding out about the role itself, it could be wise to simply move on to another applicant.

2. They don't bring any questions to the interview

Every recruiter knows a job interview is a two-way street and the interviewee should ask some incisive questions as well.

If they provide a blank response when you ask them for questions at the end of the interview, they obviously haven't prepared – and are not worth you or your client's time.

3. They have an issue with a former employer

Criticising a former employer for whatever reason should immediately signal that there is something wrong with the candidate's attitude.

If they speak negatively about a former employer, there's a high chance they'll do the same to your client in the future.

4. They provide dodgy referees

Take the time to check who their referees are. If none of them are people in senior roles at former places of work, it may be a sign the candidate doesn't trust them to provide a favourable word.

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