Recruitment Software built for the Construction Industry

Need help finding the best construction workers to fill a job fast, managing construction workers across multiple building sites, easily capturing timesheets online, or accurately paying your large workforce against multiple complex awards? FastTrack360 recruitment software does all that, and more.

We understand that hiring the best trades, labourers and workers, ensuring they're suitably skilled and qualified, and then getting them on site quickly is critical to running a successful recruitment business in construction.

About FastTrack360

Used by 4 of the 5 leading staffing businesses in Australia, FastTrack360 is a single cloud software to simplify, streamline and connect your whole staffing business from advert to invoice. It covers the entire construction recruitment process from filling jobs with the most qualified construction workers, to managing online timesheets, paying workers and billing clients, all on one platform.

One recruitment platform built for more possibilities.

Tools for construction recruitment

Save time with Job Templates

In the last 2 years, employment for plumbers have grown by 11.3%*

Be ready for your next client request and set up a job order template for plumbers to reduce your time to fill. By using job order templates in FastTrack360 you can:

  • Get you expected gross profit on a job before you start finding candidates
  • Pre-configure shifts and agreement rates for a job before you start filling candidates
  • Find candidates that are available during the shift times and have the right skills for the job
  • Pre-populate candidates timesheets with the shift times
  • Automate timesheet approval for faster more accurate payroll
  • Invoice your clients the way they want down to job location using project codes

As an example your job order template for a plumber could include:

  • Registered plumber (plumbing apprenticeship completed and a certificate III in Plumbing)
  • Plumbing Contractor’s license, Trades person’s Licence or accreditation from relevant state authority
  • Other relevant qualifications and licenses such as Electrical Licence
  • Knowledge of safety and PPE requirements in industrial environments
  • Skills with required tools/equipment
  • Normal operating days/shifts
  • Timesheet details
  • Jobs rates and wage costs
  • Internal referral workflow stages required to review candidates and fill the job

*Job Outlook, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, referenced in Plumbers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod

Easily manage high volumes

There are total number of 1,045,400 construction industry workers in Australia*

We understand that many construction recruitment agencies work with clients that demand lower margins based on a high volume of candidates. A single software to manage all of your recruitment needs, FastTrack360 simplifies and streamlines workflows to help you process applications fast, identify the best candidates, ensure they have the right qualifications and fill them to a job.

Eliminate the manual data entry, double handling and risk of human error that comes with using multiple systems to manage recruitment and free your staff to focus on the important client facing tasks that generate repeat business. Plus, with one end-to-end system you can also see the expected gross margin on a job before you place candidates so you can better manage your cash flow.

Accurately process complex payroll faster

The power of FastTrack360 seamlessly translates data from recruitment and timesheets to help you accurately pay your workforce and bill clients. Pay your large workforce of trades, labourers and contractors against complex awards in minutes, not days. Or turn hundreds of timesheets into payroll with just one click.

Plus, FastTrack360 has the power to manage your candidates across multiple sites. Unlike other options, FastTrack360’s inbuilt hierarchy includes cost centres so you can easily capture the time a candidate works across multiple work sites so your timesheets and invoicing matches your client needs and optimises your cash flow.

*Plumbers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod

Improve your candidate experience

The most important job environment factors that influence the work of construction managers are using email (100%), phone (99%) and face-to-face discussions (98%)*

Imagine the time you’d save with online and mobile timesheets. They include automated email reminders for your trades, labourers and contractors to enter and submit their timesheets, and for clients to approve them, ready to be translated into payroll. No more having to spend hours chasing up candidates for missing timesheets!

Plus, with 24/7 access to FastTrack360 online portals (at no added cost), you can easily connect with your trades, labourers and contractors. Your own branded online portals set you apart to make communication and engagement seamless, providing next level service. With the flexibility to show the data you want, you can provide self-service to your candidates to manage their profile and availability, view applications and jobs, manage online timesheets, view payslips and apply for leave. Plus, there’s a portal for your clients too.

*Construction Managers Skills Profile, Chandler Macleod

A screenshot of FastTrack360 end-to-end recruitment management's online client and candidate portals with online timesheet management.

Find the best candidates in your FastTrack360 database with advanced search

Deep dive with advanced search and save capability

Here’s the typical hiring criteria for a surveyor:

  • Relevant tertiary qualification
  • Demonstrated experience working in the building and civil construction sector
  • Ability to use relevant software, including AutoCAD, LISCAD and 12D Civil Cad
  • Proficient relevant equipment, including Leica Robotic Total Station, Trimble and GPS
  • Skilled in preparing, interpreting and maintaining plans, maps, sketches, charts, files and legal reports of surveys

Using FastTrack360’s advanced search capability, save yourself time and money wasted on advertising and find qualified candidates that are already in your database based on the above search criteria. Then save your search in FastTrack360 ready for the next surveyor role, reducing your time to fill even further. Plus, you can also mark a candidate as a favourite, ready to quickly find for the next surveyor role.

Designed to grow with you as your business grows

  • Start with the FastTrack360 functionality that suits your business and expand when you’re ready
  • Scale and grow from small business to multi-region enterprise with one solution
  • Hosted on the cloud, you can access FastTrack360 anywhere, anytime. Save on operational costs like printing, where one of our clients has saved $1000s per month.
  • Used by 4 of the 5 leading agencies in ANZ, you’re investing in a future-proof system where you’ll get continual support, plus development designed for the recruitment industry to keep you competitive.
  • Add the apps you want with the FastTrack360 MarketPlace, such as WorkPro to make compliance checking simple, or for easy online client quotes, or even your own artificial intelligent chat bot with SmartAI.

Designed to help you grow and scale, set up an organisational hierarchy in FastTrack360 end-to-end talent management software.

How FastTrack360 Helps Construction Industry Recruitment Agencies

Dash Construction Solutions believe in sourcing the best tradies and labourers to provide their clients the leading results, because they know and value the importance of having the right people on-site. Director, David Rolleston, has over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry with blue-chip agencies building labour hire solutions, before starting Dash Construction Solutions with 3 other Partners in 2018.

“We mainly chose FastTrack because of the end-to-end nature of it. That, and I know there’s five to six major large competitors in Australia that are all using it, and I aspire to be their size”

“We want scalability of revenue where we can have three to five times as many contractors and won’t need a payroll team that is three to four times bigger than what we’ve currently got. With one point to key in data, my Payroll Manager can grow, avoid duplication of data and not be stressed.” said David.

Read how David Rolleston, Director at Dash Construction Solutions, uses FastTrack360 to halve payroll time and support their growth.

How FastTrack360 recruitment software has helped customers

2x revenue year-on-year-on-year 66% reduction in operating costs 90% reduction in payroll errors 1 click to approve 50+ timesheets Unlimited # of divisions for your company hierarchy 2,000+ awards interpreted in one instance

Don't just take our word for it...

“We mainly chose FastTrack because of the end-to-end nature of it. That, and I know there’s five to six major large competitors in Australia that are all using it, and I aspire to be their size. If you want to run a business that is scalable and sizeable, FastTrack360 is worth the money”.

David Rolleston
Dash Construction Solutions

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“The scope for business improvement is exciting. We have only just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential with FastTrack360”.

Brendan Best
Consultant for Direct Skills Workforce
Civil Construction Recruitment

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“I can’t think of another business powered by people with such appropriate experience and genuine passion for the solutions and services they offer.”

David Byrnes
Managing Director, Torque Recruitment Group
Trades & Industrial Labour Hire

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