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Brendan sees clear results with FastTrack360

Direct Skills & Clear Results

The Challenge

Clear Results was established by Brendan Best with a view to help assist clients in meeting the unique challenges around business improvement, project management, process development and business infrastructure. Under Brendan’s guidance, Direct Skills, a recruitment agency specializing in civil construction, moved from their existing enterprise software to the cloud-hosted FastTrack360 platform.

This decision was based on its ability to meet the following key selection criteria:

  1. The software is a complete solution that covers recruitment through to payroll and billing, all on a single platform that will reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiency.
  2. The software is hosted on the cloud, making it accessible anywhere, anytime.

Brendan was left with the challenge to implement FastTrack360 within a tight timeframe of 4 months, with minimal impact on the business, clients and candidates.

The Solution

From the outset, Brendan was determined to set realistic expectations regarding the implementation of FastTrack360. He recognized that Direct Skills would have limited resources to support the implementation outside business as usual. Whilst having a larger team would have been ideal, the project team consisted of himself and four others to cover the key functions of: operations, payroll, accounts & finance, and OH&S.

Brendan sought to strategically activate critical features of the software into the business first. Then worked in phases to leverage all that FastTrack360 had to offer thereafter. He prioritized the parts of FastTrack360 that were critical to the business and set strict dates for when they would need to be launched by.

Brendan and his team pushed hard to stick to the project deliverables throughout the implementation process.

“The best advice I can give is don’t let the milestones slip, as the short-term deliverables are what make the project happen.”


By setting clear, realistic objectives and managing the process diligently from the outset, the team successfully transitioned from their old system to the new FastTrack360 platform with no impact on the business and within their 4 month-timeframe.

Direct Skills is set to work further with Brendan on improving their business and are excited about the directions they can now head in.

“The scope for business improvement is exciting. We have only just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential with FastTrack360”.

Brendan Best

Consultant, Clear Results Consulting

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