New Connect Integration Product launched for FastTrack360

Published: October 20, 2017

FastTrack announces the launch of FastTrack360|Connect, offering all the Time, Pay, Bill benefits seamlessly embedded within leading front office CRM/ATS providers to offer enterprise staffing organisations a unique 360 view on business.

FastTrack is very excited to launch its new FastTrack360|Connect product, that leverages the flexibility of FastTrack360’s open architecture to provide a rich integration with other leading global front office CRM/ATS providers.

David Page, FastTrack CEO, says, “as we further strengthen our position as the business platform of choice for leading staffing agencies in Australia and New Zealand, and now with our launch in the UK, it has become increasingly important that we offer our clients flexibility in their choice of front office CRM/ATS technology, where there exists a vast array of suppliers.”

David explains, “we know that leading agencies simply want a single business platform that gives them a 360 view of their business.  To build that platform, we will often need to work cooperatively with the client’s choice of complementary front office supplier, to provide the most complete and streamlined user experience possible.  The FastTrack360|Connect product does just that by seamlessly embedding access to FastTrack360 Time, Pay, Bill functionality completely within the front office product with an automated flow of data, that delivers a more powerful and richer user experience than has previously been available in the market”

Page adds, “FastTrack remains committed to giving clients the choice of our end-to-end FastTrack360 Recruit, Time, Pay, Bill offering in the ANZ market, an efficient and cost-effective single source platform to meet the business requirements of a modern staffing agency.  In other markets, such as the UK, where global CRM suppliers dominate the market, our potential to further enhance a company’s productivity really emanates from our Time, Pay, Bill technology. FastTrack360|Connect now gives us the solution to work cooperatively with the leading CRM/ATS providers in each market.”

FastTrack will be exhibiting FastTrack360|Connect at the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham on Oct 4-5, at the SIA Executive Forum in London on Oct 9-10 and at Bullhorn Live in London on October 11-12.

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