FastTrack launches Vega Release

Published: September 15, 2017

FastTrack360, the only Australian developed end-to-end Recruit, Time, Pay, Bill software solution, is releasing Vega, its most powerful update yet.

FastTrack is excited to announce the release of Vega, the latest update to the innovative FastTrack360 recruitment software solution. Filled with 21 new features, enhancements, and performance optimisations, the release of Vega marks a critical milestone, allowing customers to do more than ever before.

Hosted on the cloud, FastTrack360 is the only Australian-made software solution that covers the complete Recruit, Time, Pay, Bill process all on a single platform. FastTrack360 offers the only truly end-to-end solution, from sourcing the best talent, all the way to putting money in the Candidates’ bank accounts. It saves customers the administration, time, effort, risks and costs of dealing with multiple vendors, enabling them to focus on the more important tasks that bring real value to their business, which they can now do even better with Vega.

Vega releases 21 exciting new features to the FastTrack360 platform, including:

  • Helping staff learn key processes by doing them with the innovative new Show Me How productive learning tool;
  • The ability to promote winning candidates or protect agencies from unsuitable ones through Preferred and Excluded Candidates;
  • Save time and standardise key elements when creating a job with Job Templates;
  • Plus, many more…

Earlier in May, FastTrack hosted a roadshow across Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand to officially launch Vega (see the highlights here) to customers and prospects. FastTrack used these events to also introduce the brand-new financial support service, FastTrack Funding (click here for more information), as well as ensure customers were prepared for the Australian Tax Office’s Single Touch Payroll, mandated from 1 July 2018.  The events received an overwhelmingly positive response, stirring up excitement over what’s to come amidst FastTrack’s accelerating growth.

“The transition to FastTrack360 was a significant technology update – Vega is the next step forward in that evolution and delivers many of the features the industry has been looking for” says Brendan Best, Director, Clear Results Consulting.

The FastTrack360 MarketPlace and API developer portal, available with the Vega release, were at the centre of the buzz generated from the events. The all-new FastTrack360 MarketPlace now allows staffing agencies to access the best-of-breed market leading apps directly into their FastTrack360 platform, including:

  • Google Maps, to search Candidates based on proximity to the job;
  • Secured Signing, to simplify the document approval process using the latest digital signing technology;
  • SMS Central, to communicate with Candidates directly; and
  • Broadbean, to easily integrate with the world leading job boards to reduce time-to-fill on open jobs,
  • Plus, many more to come…

Further opening the doors of what is possible, customers can connect with the other third-party software providers that are critical to their business through the API developer portal as FastTrack strives to help recruiters be smarter and more efficient about the way they Recruit, Time, Pay and Bill.

The Vega release is a strong reflection of FastTrack’s ongoing commitment to bring value to their customers, driven by extensive feedback and testing with customers. The 21 new features were developed over 50,000+ hours of work by a team of more than 65 FastTrack developers.

“The Vega release takes two steps forward as FastTrack partners with you in your recruiting activities.” says David Shaw, Recruitment Consultant from Raven’s Recruitment.

Vega has just finished undergoing rigorous pre-launch testing in the market, a mandatory key step taken by FastTrack in their development process, to ensure the update meets customers’ stringent quality and performance needs. Customers FastTrack360 systems are currently being updated with the Vega release.

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