FastTrack – More Energised Than Ever After 25 years

On September 14, 1993 FastTrack collected a group of staffing organisations in a room to solve the problem of making the whole recruitment process more efficient. Now 25 years later we are continuing to deliver to that same promise with hundreds of leading staffing agencies including 10 of the top 14 contingent staffing organisations in ANZ and with a growing client base internationally.

“We are really excited about where the business is and what’s coming next. Hitting a major milestone like a 25th birthday allows you a moment to pause and reflect” says CEO David Page.

“Our core value proposition hasn’t changed over this whole period. We help leading staffing agencies more efficiently manage the core critical business processes of recruit, time, pay and bill with a single scalable system that helps them grow the way they want. What has changed, is the way we do it. That’s why we have launched the new tagline of ‘One platform. More possibilities’. We are now more than a single end-to-end recruitment platform. More than a software provider. We partner with our customers to provide a service that helps future-proof their business for growth” explains David.

To mark our birthday milestone, FastTrack has launched a refreshed website to better showcase the expanded value proposition with new-look branding and logos.

“We are on a journey. In our effort to be the best at what we do and help agencies be even more successful and grow efficiently, we continue to invest in the innovation and capability of our product and our team, with the ultimate goal to deliver the best customer experience possible.”

“We are excited to see this investment come to fruition. In the last few years alone, we have :

  • Grown the team to over 100 employees
  • Successfully completed 150 enterprise projects
  • Continued to invest heavily in product development to deliver a highly configurable and powerful cloud-based solution meeting necessary legislative requirement
  • Launched the FastTrack360 MarketPlace with new partners including the likes of WorkPro, Ratescalc and SmartAI. Other partners with rostering and onboarding applications soon to follow.
  • Focussed on the customer experience by improving our support capability and migrating FastTrack360 to the higher performing and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting platform
  • Expanded our global presence from ANZ to the UK and beyond
  • Exploited the Open Architecture design of FastTrack360 to now offer a dedicated back office solution to integrate with other selected front office CRM solutions
  • Launched the Academy, Alumni & Funding services, to further complement the flagship FastTrack360 end-to-end platform

“It’s been a big couple of years, with only bigger things to come as we look to create even more possibilities for FastTrack customers, employees and partners”.

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