Imagine better.

Welcome to the new FastTrack.

Over the last few years FastTrack has dramatically changed. Our product line-up has expanded, our global footprint has grown, our team has flourished, and our value-adding services multiplied.

As we enter our 25th year, the time has never been more right for us to take on a fresh approach and realign our branding to truly reflect the new FastTrack360 experience.

The FastTrack Evolution

What began as a desktop recruitment solution is now FastTrack360 – the business platform of choice for leading staffing organisations globally.

At its core, FastTrack360 delivers one true end-to-end platform for leading staffing agencies to manage the whole process of recruit, time capture, payroll and billing. However, FastTrack360 is more than that. Built for the staffing industry, by the staffing industry, FastTrack helps leading agencies save time, money and effort from advert to invoice.

The open FastTrack360 platform also ensures your business today is best prepared for tomorrow with a growing range of MarketPlace partners to help keep you ahead of the competition.

Plus, we offer more than just software with:

  • Our in-house team of Professional Service consultants and project managers who can deliver real value to your business through training and industry-leading consulting
  • A growing Alumni of users and employees to tap into for advice
  • Regular online training through the Academy
  • Payroll Funding to help you take the next step in your business

FastTrack360 is one platform that gives you more possibilities.

FastTrack360 gives you more

The FastTrack360 name is still true to its original intent:

Fast – enjoy quick and accurate processing of your data
Track – get actionable insights into your whole business data
360 – save time, money and effort with the true end-to-end recruitment business solution

Our global symbol continues to be the circle as it represents the fundamental idea of offering a core end-to-end recruitment business solution and supports you in growing your business from one branch to conquering the globe.

Our colour palette remains the same, but has been exploded to visualise the ever growing FastTrack offering and possibilities for leading agencies. The bold colours also reflect our spirit, vibrancy, energy and passion.

Our language reflects that we are people talking to other people because no matter how good our platform is, it is still backed by a team of over 100 people working both behind the scenes and directly with you to make your business even better.

Take a look for yourself…