Why having scalable systems is critical for business growth

Scalability is the key when it comes to growing and improving almost any business, however, the term itself can mean many different things.

A Harvard Business Review article entitled ‘Scaling: The problem of more’ sets out what the word most often refers to. 

For larger organisations it’s usually about replicating the same processes in another location or market. For smaller businesses, scaling usually refers to organisational difficulties faced when growing. In other instances it can refer to when better practices are transferred across multiple arms of a business.

Whatever scaling means to you, at its core it’s about keeping the same quality, organisational efficiency and values as a business expands or changes. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why scalable tools for business growth are so essential.

The scalability problem with recruitment businesses

Regardless of the size or current growth rate of any recruitment business it’s likely that their organisational processes aren’t as efficient as they could be. A recent LinkedIn survey of Australian recruiters supports this claim, finding that the four biggest concerns of recruiters were:

  1. A high level of competition for the best talent.
  2. Budget limitations,
  3. Challenges planning recruitment across an entire organisation, and;
  4. Not having the right system and tools.

These four issues are inseparable, and are usually caused or exacerbated by a process failure or inefficiency somewhere in the business. These inefficiencies are usually the result of a way of doing things that has not grown as the business has (or in other words a scalability problem).

Luckily any recruitment business can quickly solve the problem of not having the right systems and tools and in turn start to tackle the other challenges. FastTrack360 is a market leading end-to-end recruitment software that handles all your recruitment, time, pay and bill processes within one smart system.

The system’s scalability is one of it’s biggest selling points, helping you to run your business smoothly and efficiently, even as it grows and changes.

Scalable recruitment software for smarter growth

As your business expands, tasks multiply, budgets stretch, competition intensifies and administration becomes more complex. This can mean growth requires an endlessly increasing amount of resources to sustain it.

Your best option is always growth that requires a similar amount of resource – meaning more profit for less work. FastTrack’s scalable recruit, time, pay, bill software can help deliver this by automating repetitive processes and allowing your recruitment agents to focus on the tasks that add value and increase profit.

It’s all within one system which means no time consuming integration between different databases, and no confusion while maintaining multiple products and licenses. Such processes become more and more time consuming as your business increases in size, and are common in other software solutions that don’t offer end-to-end capability.

Because FastTrack360 can handle most recruitment, time capture,  payroll and billing functions of your business, it allows you to see the bigger picture.

This helps you to fully understand your business’s processes and needs even as it expands, helping you identify weaknesses and make changes where needed.

How do you know you’re investing in the right technology?

Good recruitment software should be intuitive and easy to use without requiring lengthy data input or integration with your existing systems. It should allow your employees to do their jobs more efficiently, as well as enabling you to analyse the functions of your business to improve them or identify weaknesses.

To find out more about what scalable and effective end to end recruitment software can do for your business, get in touch with an expert consultant here at FastTrack.

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