Talent shortages the biggest employment challenge

A recent employer has revealed the challenges that recruiters are facing in their work, with many reporting that competition for talent is the biggest challenge they face.

That's the finding from a recent study by the recruitment website Glassdoor, which surveyed the perceptions of recruiters and the challenges they face.

Among respondents, 48 per cent reported they are unable to find enough candidates for important positions, by far the most frequently cited complaint among recruiters. This was well above the other factors covered in the research.

For example, second place in the study went to not having enough candidates applying to fill a position, with only 29 per cent reporting this was a major problem. Other responses included not using social media (24 per cent), an inability to track factors that affect application (20 per cent) and recruitment software that isn't optimised for mobile (17 per cent).

While hiring is continuing to be a challenge for employers, attrition is also a major issue to manage. According to the survey, 36 per cent of respondents believe that voluntary resignations will increase in the coming year. This is being felt more at mid-sized companies, which recorded a much higher rate of 56 per cent.

Passive recruitment has also become less attractive, making it harder for companies to have a pool of potential candidates that can be contacted when positions arise. Slightly over half (52 per cent) stated this has become harder, with this especially true for large (69 per cent) and mid-sized firms (70 per cent).

As these trends come to fruition over coming months, it will be important for recruiters to have the right tools on hand to achieve long-term success in their business. By making this shift, companies will be well-placed to achieve solid results for their clients.

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