Success in a virtual sales world

Virtual selling has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and is quickly becoming the new normal, suggesting an alternative approach to sales is now required.

In just a few months, the sales landscape experienced sweeping changes and forced businesses and individuals to fully embrace a virtual model of customer engagement and sales practices. Organisations and sales teams that can adapt to the new normal, the quickest, and most effectively, will win.

Technology advancements will continue to transform sales – now, and into the future, but we must first recognise that selling is far more complex than just a virtual meet and greet. When you think about your role in selling – you must keep in mind that a Zoom or MS Teams meeting is not virtual selling – it is merely a medium of communication that can never replace the important sales attributes of communication, trust, emotion and problem-solving.

These virtual environments can never put you in the room -therefore you will no longer be exposed to the same engagement, body language, eye contact, validation points and water cooler conversations, that are all crucial to your overall chances of success.

Your ability to adapt to the virtual world of selling will depend on how you and your organisation embrace and adopt digital transformation and apply it to – your content delivery, communication methods, value creation, customer requirements, problem solving, conversation control, complexity management, social engagement and ultimately how your customers will buy your product or service.

Customers are now optimising the amount of time they spend with you and you need to adapt or you will drown before you literally step foot in the door. The sales group that can overcome the communication and connection gap related to delivering value, problem solving and personalisation will survive in the virtual selling world. Now is the time for sales teams to prepare for this ‘new normal’ and create a unique point of difference.

Remember, people still remain the most pivotal lynchpin to sales success. But, customers have changed the way they buy – have you changed the way you sell?



This article was written by Jamie Killmier, Director of Sales, International at FastTrack. Connect with him via LinkedIn or email

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