How productive learning is shaping the future of technology adoption

Productive learning is shaping the future adoption of technology and FastTrack is using a variety of in-product tools to help users embrace the features and functionality of its FastTrack360 product.

FastTrack360 utilises Show Me How, an in-product, productive learning tool, to help users quickly adopt and understand product workflows as they build out records in real time; and produce instantly available operational content.

This guided approach to learning can provide enormous benefits to both the client and vendor. On the client side, we have a seamless approach to technology adoption, onboarding, and learning – and on the vendor side, we have a valuable channel to customers regarding feature updates, changes to the user experience and important compliance information.

On top of this, easy-to-access material is also being delivered to clients via in-product shout-outs’, launchers, online help, and surveys, which are all aimed at delivering a user experience that empowers employees and makes them feel confident with the product.

At FastTrack, we look forward to the next generation of product, as this enhanced technology will enable us to build more productive learning content into more areas of the product and continue to deliver valuable services to our customers.

See FastTrack360’s productive learning tools in action via the video below.



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