Study: Employers expect workers to ‘job-hop’

Today's employees are not remaining in jobs for their whole professional careers like previous generations and are switching between jobs more often. This is making it difficult for businesses to hire people who haven't job hopped.

A new study from recruitment authority CareerBuilder has revealed some businesses are coming to terms with this trend. However, if businesses can hold onto job hopping employees, there could be major benefits.

More than 2,000 HR professionals were surveyed and 55 per cent of employers said they had hired a job-hopper. Another well as this 32 per cent said they expect employees to job-hop in the current job climate.

Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder Rosemary Haefner said job hopping gives employees a competitive advantage in the recruitment process, but warns not all business are willing to hire a hopper.

"More workers are pursuing opportunities with various companies to expose themselves to a wider range of experiences, build their skill sets, or take a step up the ladder in pay or title," she said.

"Employers may be more understanding of job-hopping today, but most employers are still more likely to hire the candidate who has a pattern of longer tenure with organisations."

According to the study, 25 per cent of workers aged 35 or older had worked more than five jobs, and 20 per cent of workers older than 55 had held 10 or more jobs.

These aren't surprising figures when employees have so much power of employee in terms of wage and perks. Employees have the ability to shop around for jobs and they will. 

CareerBuilder's study suggests some job hopping is acceptable, though it depends on the candidate's age. Nearly a third of employers (28 per cent) said it was unacceptable after age 40 and 41 per cent in their 30s.

Businesses that have efficient recruitment software can attract and retain the best talent regardless of their job history. The software can streamline your process and help to manage and track job applications.

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