Streamlining payment processes for better candidate relations

Australian organisations in the recruitment sector rely heavily on having a large pool of candidates for various temporary or contract positions across the country.

It is therefore important for these organisations to ensure that they are maintaining strong relationships with their available candidates, so that they can continue to utilise their skills in the future.

An integrated billing and payroll software solution can prove invaluable for recruitment organisations, as it ensures candidate relationships are maximised through a more positive agency engagement by streamlining the payment and billing process.

By automating key aspects of the payroll process, an integrated payroll and billing solution allows recruitment agencies to closely manage a key cost of the business and also ensure that temps and contractors are paid accurately, on time and in full.

No longer will important candidates be left waiting to be compensated for their efforts. Instead, they will be able to take on every job with confidence in the recruitment agency they are working with.

Best practice payroll and billing software can handle a number of complex functions, such as processing multiple bank accounts for each candidate and catering for overtime and shift allowances across multiple wage conditions or various work sites.

This means that your employees will also be able to enjoy a more streamlined payment and billing process. They will also appreciate the fact that the payroll and billing software provides choices to automate data processing, significantly reducing the amount of time they spend every day in manually re-checking data and fixing on-going billing and payroll errors.

These factors all add up to payroll and billing solutions being a significant driver for improved revenue profitability for those recruitment organisations willing to invest in the latest in cutting edge technology.

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