Remote working on the rise, especially at large firms

Remote working has become one of the biggest trends in employee performance, especially as recent research has demonstrated that working from home can lead to a significant increase in employee productivity.

However, improved staff productivity isn't the only benefit that companies are seeing as a result of this shift, at least according to research from recruiting firm Accountemps.

The study looked at the benefits companies have reported when they allow staff the opportunity to work remotely. Among the core benefits that were revealed by the service, was from higher morale and retention of workers. In fact, this was cited by 35 per cent of those surveyed as a major advantage of offering staff the option to work remotely.

A further 28 per cent also reported that removing the requirement of a commute time is a major boost to employee performance. 

Clearly there is a range of benefits for companies that are looking to get more out of their staff. However, when businesses do look to implement a remote working strategy, it is also important to support this with the right productivity tools and software. FastTrack360, for example, is an ideal solution for companies that need to manage their workforce through a single digital platform.

Because of the many benefits that come from remote working, employers are increasingly investing in these options in order to manage greater growth. In companies with more than 1,000 employees, remote working has become commonplace, with 68 per cent of chief financial officers reporting a rise in remote working opportunities.

This was well above the average recorded at all firms, which only reached 36 per cent. However, this is still outpacing the number of firms that are reducing work from home opportunities, which recorded only 3 per cent.

For businesses that want to build a more productive workforce, finding unique solutions like remote working is only going to become more important for to remain ahead of their competition.

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