Providing a great service experience also extends to candidates

For modern recruitment agencies, maintaining strong relationships with your candidates is an important part of remaining competitive in a crowded marketplace.

There are several steps that recruitment organisations can take to ensure their candidate relations are robust, valued and able to be sustained – all delivered through a great service experience. Here are a few examples.

Pay them on time and in full

If your top candidates are often left waiting days, weeks or even months to receive the compensation they are entitled to, you can be sure they will soon look elsewhere for employment opportunities.

By investing in integrated billing and payroll software solutions, you can ensure that even complex pay calculations are processed quickly and accurately at all times.

Communicate with the candidate

The best recruitment agencies are those who don't merely present themselves as faceless entities, but are actively engaged with their candidates and attentive to their requirements.

Best practice is about taking the time to understand your candidates as people, by communicating with them regularly. Learn about their experience, past employment, and the roles which they are interested in actively pursuing.

Small steps like answering queries and returning phone calls quickly and accurately can go a long way towards fostering a stronger relationship between your agency and your candidates.

Make their lives convenient

In the year 2013, our workforce have grown accustomed & expect a convenient and streamlined way of life; both at home and work. This includes your candidates, who will appreciate the fact that you are going above and beyond to cater to their needs.

Offering your candidates the use of intelligent technology solutions such as online timesheets – which can be completed quickly and easily via smart phones or mobile devices will go a long way towards showing your commitment to maintaining a positive & valued relationship with them.

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