Mornings are ‘crucial’ for productivity

Any manager or small business owner knows that when it comes to getting things done, sometimes it does not seem like there are enough hours in the day.

But one executive recently told Business Insider that when things get busy, it's not as much a case of working harder as working more efficiently – and making the best possible use of every moment, including first thing in the morning.

David Lai, chief executive officer of Hello Design, says the best leaders begin their day in an effective way. For him, this means clearing his head with a bit of physical activity first thing in the morning, before creating a to-do list. This, he says, gives him the drive to complete necessary tasks all day long, because the goals for the day are clearly outlined from the outset.

"I find that writing things down in a list and crossing them off helps me prioritise so I don't lose focus," he said.

Lai added: "I always keep it next to my keyboard, and I rip the pages off as I complete them."

Lai, whose business is headquartered in Culver City, California made his suggestions as part of Business Insider's Moving Forward series, which is aimed to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Of course, managers who are keen to explore other productivity solutions as they grow their businesses may find that there are technology options that can save them a lot of time.

For example, payroll software can help you automate this process, which could free up a considerable amount of time to devote to more pressing management tasks. Productivity software can also help you to identify areas where work could be more focused or where further efficiency gains could be made.

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