How software implementation can alleviate process failure

As businesses operate in increasingly competitive environments, the processes they engage in must be efficient, reliable and above all, effective.

When it comes to choosing the software to enact on these processes, many businesses can be left shortchanged when the solution provided does not fit their specific needs. Unfortunately, this can ultimately lead to to process failure.

According to research by the University of York, there are five dimensions that will lead to a breakdown in a business process:

  • The activity was incomplete and did not fully perform its function.
  • The service was inconsistent as it was on delivered for the correct duration of time.
  • Inconsistently in the deliverance.
  • The activity is not enacted on time.
  • The service was inaccurate as it was not enacted for the right purpose.

The research was conducted with the healthcare system in mind, but can be applied to all businesses that have particularly precise requirements from their software. 

With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge that software systems must be able to work alongside your workforce to fully enhance their capabilities, rather than take over the entire process. Software Consultant Scott Lowe explained this idea in an August 21 2012 TechRepublic article.  

"What is important is leveraging technology assets in ways that optimise a company's efforts," he said.  

"If the process discussion is slanted to a point where it looks like IT is taking over the process, you will end up with one of two scenarios: failure or IT being saddled with 'responsibility' for everything that happens in the organisation."  

Choosing the right software package

As IBM stated, software vendors play an important role in the implementation of software beyond its initial purchase and instillation. By performing audits and writing reports, businesses can approach software providers who can make the required changes to the programme. This ensures that if any of the dimensions are present in the system, they can be rectified, leading to more effective processes.

When it comes to selecting the right efficiency software for your business, you will need make sure that the vendor will be able to tailor a solution that suits your specific needs. Additionally, if you need to update your software to account for new policies or practices, you may find that they can offer invaluable help in updating your system for continued process success.

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